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Triathlon Wettkampf / Re: Challenge Heilbronn MD
« am: 24. Februar 2015, 21:27:40 »
Ich habe auch angemeldet! Paul und ich werden im Hotel Central an der Rosskampfstrasse 15-17 übernachten. Ich wäre froh, alle zu sehen!

Triathlon Wettkampf / Re:Biennathlon
« am: 02. Juni 2013, 20:34:30 »
Glückwunsch! 28 aus 86!

Radtraining / Re:Radtechnik Training
« am: 09. Mai 2013, 19:11:24 »
Ich habe Besuch, aber ich versuche zu kommen

Training / Re:Ironman 70.3 Mallorca
« am: 04. Mai 2013, 20:55:11 »
Fabian Gut No.9 in "ABSOLUTA MASCULINA" mit 1:51:53! Herzliches Glückwunsch!

Radtraining / Re:Radausfahrt
« am: 26. April 2013, 18:30:31 »
Ich bin dabei!

Reinhard made it in 11:35:46 and finished with a smile on his face! Congratulations! Absolute first in his group and overall rank 385!

Raceberichte / Re:Birslauf
« am: 08. April 2013, 08:11:21 »

Trainingslager / Re:Trainingslager 2013 Mallorca
« am: 20. März 2013, 09:38:17 »
Alles war toll! Vielen Dank zu Gunter, Sigrid, Reinhard und alle Teilnehmer für wunderschöne Trainings- und Nichttrainingszeit!

Hier sind Fotos

Training / Re:Benefizlauf Adelhausen
« am: 25. Dezember 2012, 20:18:51 »
Ich starte auch

Triathlon Wettkampf / Re:Immenstadt
« am: 25. Juli 2012, 23:42:16 »
Es ist schwer für mich jetzt einen Racebericht auf Deutsch zu schreiben, deswegen schreibe ich weiter auf Englisch.

We have known about this triathlon having seen Fabian Gut's bag in Mallorca camp. Besides the pretty bag, the race had another advantage: we could come there by train in less than 4 hours. All the way from Lindau to Immenstadt we have seen beautiful Allgäu meadows and cows and smelled the grass and manure. The mountains were covered with clouds. It was raining when we arrived.
Immenstadt is very small. Even though not all the streets are named, we have found the registration desk easily thanks to arrow marks placed all over the town. I have got 3 bags (bike, run and training) for 2 transition zones and brochure with all necessary information and start list (I keep it for the future ::)). At the race briefing it was interesting to see the photos showing complicated places of the bike leg. The pasta party followed.
In spite of the rain there were many people in the streets, all the shops were open until late, orchestras played, standing cafes and restaurants were occupied. Late in the night it was extremely quiet (rain stopped), but I could not sleep. I was worrying about how I would cope with the rain and cold and what should I do in each transition. I have already made Finntriathlon in 2008 in the same weather conditions. But then it was my first long distance, I were young and innocent, and therefore more self-confident  ;)

The bike check-in was from 6:30 to 7:45 on the race day on the grass ground near Großalp See. Although the organizers warned everybody to come as early as possible, for many it was not enough time for checking in and doing other preparations. Paul saw a man, who had to rode back home after waiting to no avail in the check-in line. I was in a hurry too and had to give my run and training bags to a kind woman who promised to care for them in only 8 minutes before the start pistol.
The alp horn ensemble has played traditionals on the berth. The water was warm (+18) and very clear. As a weak swimmer, I took place in the left edge of the start line stretched across the harbour. It helped me to avoid the struggle, but I swam a longer distance. A beautiful sailing boat floated before the strongest swimmer. But it was better to look for buoys in order to swim exactly 2000 m.  Exit of the water was shallow, to the sand and grass beach.

It stated raining again. Many athletes changed the clothes in the transition tent to jerseys, shorts and long-sleeve jackets. I decided to put on the headscarf and the west on my suite only and hoped to get warm on the bike. In was a mistake, because it was warm near the lake, but very cold on the top of the bike leg and during descents. I have rode a bit and eaten a gel, then the Kalvarienberg (a steeple) began. I got worm, but felt very tired after it. Then there were chances to relax on wavy roads to Seifen, and to go a faster time-trial on a straight highway to Häusern.
The ascents began, with many supporters standing along them, or cow herds jingling cowbells. The longest ascent was 4km at 288m. Then 14% and 12% mostly straight descends followed until Missen, where the leaders of the Olympic triathlon passed me by like a bullet. (Later on I knew that the new race's record of the bike leg was set.) Then after the hilly highway part, there was a serpentine road descending to the lake.

After the first 40 km I've been frozen to bones and wanted to give up, but Paul encouraged me to continue. The second 40 km were easier, because I knew the road better. (I wish I knew it better before the race!) My shoes were all wet. When I dismounted the bike in the second transition zone in the Auwald Stadium, my feet were like wooden. I cleaned the feet of the wet grass and rubbed them with a towel. Nevertheless I had a cramp in the right calve, which had not gone until 8th km. So I could not run well.
The run leg was flat. A half of it was in the park, situated on the banks of the river and small lake, on the earth trails, and another half went on cobblestone and asphalt of the town. For the sake of supporters entertainment athletes made several circles on the stadium and finished there.

I did not like my performance and result on this race at all, not only because of the weather. I was not well prepared. However, it was German championship, with many strong participants, and it will never be easy.  With such a difficult bike leg, this race must have been challenging. It was held for the 30th time this year. Great coordinated work of organizers, many thanks to volunteers (700 people!) and supporters standing all the time under the rain.

After the race the salty cheese soup in the Drei König restaurant was very good!

Here are the pictures

Ich habe auch E-mail von Allgau Triathlon Organisators bekomen mit sehr freundiche Gluckwunschen und folgende Information:

"Ein großes Kompliment möchten wir allen Radlern für ihr
diszipliniertes Fahren machen. Dies war sicher der Grund für
die erfreulichste Nachricht des Tages: keine einzige Unfallmeldung
kam von unseren Rot-Kreuz-Freunden.
Gut auch (lobte Teilnehmer Thomas Opel in seiner heutigen Dank-Mail),
dass wir (auch dieses Jahr wieder) das Windschattenfahren effektiv
durch eine intensive Bewässerung der Fahrbahn und der damit
verbundenen Vermeidung von Gischt zu unterbinden versucht haben.
Köstlich, was man einem nicht gerade idealen Wetter doch noch
abgewinnen kann."

Training / Re:Ironman Switzerland / Zürich
« am: 15. Juli 2012, 22:43:38 »
Congratulations to all the finishers! Especially in such challenging weather conditions!

Mir hat den Triathlon sehr gut gefallen. Hans hat mir da sehr geholfen und hier hat alles über den Wettkampf und meine Ergebnisse geschrieben. Paul hat Fotos gemacht

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